Key Features

UBW coin is a global digital currency with real value

UBW coin is set up to comply with all future laws and regulations in order to be approved by governments and accepted by companies around the world

Limited amount of coins

Monthly coin purchase of €29 or more that will generate a monthly income and constant demand for the Coin

A global network of companies and people ready to join

The Company

UBW Coin was set up in October 2017 and currently employs 12 staff. Our mangement team have a combined track record of more than 20 years of financial transactions and currency trading. Our Vision is to be among the top 5 digital currencies in the world to make it the preferred currency especially in countries where the local currency is very volatile and inflation is high.  We will have a Limited Release of Coins that ensures that the market is not flooded causing the price to decrease. It also prevents a single person or company from holding a large enough amount of coins to influence the value of the coin. The founding partners have many years of experience in creating and managing multinational companies, predominantly in the areas of global sales and marketing, currency trading, and software programming.

UBW represents a business of talented, committed and exceptional individuals who will create a professional, energetic and inspiring culture. As highly successful people UBW employees enjoy the opportunity to develop their career paths within an environment of innovation and creativity.

The UBW Coin


UBW is building one of the most valuable and useable digital currencies. Our Vision is to be among the top 5 used digital currencies and to make it the preferred currency for all businesses and especially in countries where the local currency is very volatile and inflation is high.

The UBW Coin is now registered and official! Click on the link below to see the total number of coins.

As you can see on this link the current price of the UBW Coin is 0.00. This is because it is a live site and read the price from the trading platform, so until we are in trading, it will stay at 0.00. But immediately after launch it will be the actual value.

This is set to be within 2 months, and the more people we are in UBW Coin, the higher the value will be when we enter the market. On top of this, we have the monthly activation fee which will continue to drive the price up even after we are on the open market.


Launching other coins through the UBW Coin system

This is one of the very exciting things we will be doing. With a huge number of active Crypto Currency users in our system we are very attractive to use as an ICO partner.

ICO = Initial Coin Offering (the period where you get a very good deal before they go to the open market)

This means that we will all be in a very good position to be the first to be offered new coins released to the market, and we have an ongoing first in line opportunity to get the best deals.

For the other Coins, they know that they will get into the market within a short time and reach their goals.